The P.O.T.E.G.P. Spiritual Guidance Center offers several programs including seminars and workshops on the development of practical tools to help one connect with knowing oneself and the world.

The primary goal of the work at the P.O.T.E.G.P. Spiritual Guidance Center is to help guide a seeker so they are able to cross one river of awareness. At higher levels the center will mentor people who wish to become students on implementing one of the eight guided life philosophies/paths.

The introductory program examines the eight philosophical, religious and spiritual paths that P.O.T.E.G.P. offers guidance and support for. The Philosophy of The Eight Guided Paths (POTEGP) includes an overview of the Christian path, the Buddhist path, the Hindu path, the Language path, the Mystic path, the Druid path, the Humanist path, and the Village path. Private or semi private meetings can be scheduled in addition to the public lectures and seminars held.

The second part of the program focuses on individual guidance, through the use of a diagnosis session and path analysis session that uses ones current effective level of awareness and spirituality along with ones personal spiritual/life goal.

The final part of the program deals with how one intergrades a path into their daily life.

The Center supports atheists, deists, theists and agnostics. P.O.T.E.G.P. offers a road map based on where you are and where you’d like to be. It is simple really....If you are looking for ways to manage everyday life and reduce stress we not only provide the tools we also provide the support/community for long lasting success.

We are a Charitable Non-Profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing a community of trained guides & holistic practices that are sustainable for a lifetime!

Please talk to us about financial concerns.

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